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We are very pleased to welcome Dr Kelvin Kwok and Dr Christina Jones to Schain Research as part of an internship program with Karolinska Institutet.

Christina Jones, PhD
Christina has a PhD from Monash University, Melbourne (Australia) focusing on kidney development and novel immunomodulatory therapies. She joined Karolinska Institutet as a postdoctoral researcher working on kidney regeneration, using carbon dating to examine podocyte turnover. Christina has an interest in impactful research and gaining a broader understanding of industry, joining Schain Research as part of the Karolinska Institutet Postdoc Internship careers program.

Kelvin Kwok, PhD
Kelvin is a postdoctoral research fellow at Karolinska Institutet. Using both molecular and genomic approaches, he investigates the development of obesity and diabetes in prospective and cross-sectional clinical studies.


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