We provide real-world evidence solutions to answer your key research questions


Data for regulatory decision making, market access and health economics

Real-world data is often used as a tool for regulators to monitor drug safety post-approval. Regulatory authorities are now also evaluating different ways and methods to use real world data in their decision-making about drug effectiveness. In order for the data to be accepted, there are several important aspects to consider with regard to study design, methodology and quality of data sources. Our team can generate relevant and reliable evidence from unique population-based longitudinal datasets. We also generate data ideal for budget impact and cost effectiveness modeling, as well as global value and reimbursement dossiers. Our team also has extensive experience in performing burden of disease studies, including quantification of direct and indirect costs.


Data to inform and shape clinical development strategies

Our team can generate valuable data to inform and shape your clinical development programs, including identification of prognostic factors, trial feasibility assessments and hypothesis generation prior to randomized clinical trials. 


Data for validation of patient models

We provide solid data for your forecasting so you can rely on evidence rather that assumptions. We generate data on treatment pattern per treatment line and describe events changing the trajectory for patients in clinical practice. 


Medical writing and publication support

The team consists of experienced scientists that can support you with medical writing and submission of abstracts, as well as the development of posters and manuscripts.